Our mission – twinkle in the eye of your dog

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Dogs have become part of our family. 

They give us great happiness and satisfaction. They are able to comfort us when we feel down, cheer us up with their playfulness and child-like sincerity, they are grateful for everything we provide for them, they make us the center of their interests, they are sincere in everything they do, are faithful to us, love us, we need them and they need us. However, over time, for various reasons, dogs may show behavior that is not good for them nor their respective owners.

If your pet protests when you are not at home, destroys furniture, facilitates in the house, does not listen to commands, pulls on the leash, if it’s aggressive toward people and animals, reacts fearfully to thunder or fireworks, if it is insecure, if it snarls or bites, eats things that are not food, if it is obsessed with certain activities and it is difficult to stop what it does, if it does not get along with the other animals with whom it lives, it jealous of a family member, cannot adjust to some new changes in your life, or has some other problems with the behavior, the help of a professional person should be considered.

In this regard, assistance can be provided by a behaviorist, the person who changes the behavior of dogs through specific exercises. A number of factors can influence the behavior of a dog. Behaviorist analyze all these factors, determine the causes of a dog’s behavior and create a real plan to solve the problems that the owner reports, as well as those that they notice by direct insight.

Training the dogs teaches them certain disciplinary actions, and how to obey when we demand that from them. Dressage is a great tool to achieve the desired behavior of a dog.

The combination of behavioral therapy and a dog training has proven to be an effective method in our many years of work. The ultimate goal of this engagement is to help your pet to be satisfied, happy and stable. You can see the twinkle in its eye that has an immeasurable value for each owner.